CHICAGO, IL—Catalyzing the potential of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to promote human flourishing.

11 Tribes invest in people shaping the future of technology and culture. But in venture, where flourishing is optional and burnout is viewed as inevitable, we reject the status quo.

11 Tribe’s mission is to build businesses that are sustainable, durable, and profitable.


percentage points

Recent data shows that first time venture funds outperformed experienced fund managers by a full three percentage points


Startups with helpful advisors raise 7X more money and have 3.5X better user growth


Of invested capital goes directly to the founder for them to invest in their own mental and physical wellbeing.

Mark Phillips

Managing Partner

Mark is an action-oriented strategist with a strong track record working with teams of all sizes, from pre-seed startups to multi-national corporations.

Before launching 11 Tribes Ventures, Mark was a management consultant, focused on M&A between corporations and growth stage startups. He advised on deals totaling more than $750M, actively supporting clients throughout the due diligence and post-merger integration processes.

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