About Us

Good Business.  Better Communities.  The tagline for Commonwealth is also its mission statement.  We serve social investors and social entrepreneurs through three types of services:

  1. Research – our scholars investigate best practices, conduct performance measurement, and publish items to inform investors, operators, and the general public
  2. Consulting – our team perform investment banking-type due diligence for social investors and management consulting for social entrepreneurs
  3. Investing – we use a venture competition method to build markets for select cities and causes plus we make direct investments into select deals

Commonwealth operates as a 501c3 and receives all its revenue from Donor Advised Funds.  It makes investments after performing social venture design and financial diligence.  It also builds social impact into each deal ensuring industry-leading measures on the public good that results from private investment.

Sagamore Institute

Commonwealth operates in tandem with Sagamore Institute, a think tank advancing innovative solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges. Sagamore's policy experts seek upstream chjanges to laws, systems, and public understanding of the issues. Commonwealth's investors and entrepreneurs advance change on the ground with market solutions, performance philanthropy, and upgrades to nonprofit business practice.