DALLAS, TXFewer than 6% of U.S. film producers, directors, and writers are African American which, according to McKinsey and Company, has led to a $10B shortfall of unrealized economic value in the industry.¹ Given the entertainment industry’s outsize role in influencing culture, more equal representation is urgently needed.

AfroLandTV is the “Netflix or Disney+ of Pan-African Content.” It is a streaming platform for Pan-African TV shows and movies. AfroLandTV provides Black filmmakers with incredible stories a platform to showcase their films and TV shows to a global audience. 

50 hours

average time African Americans
spend streaming weekly²


AftroLandTV viewers

300+ hours

of Afro-centric television shows
and movies on platform

TV is the biggest influencer and programmer in the world. We don’t showcase titles surrounding any wars, poverty, and sickness. The big platforms are already doing that.

2021 Impact Priorities

 Expand viewership into more households with support of partners

 Organically reach more viewers with AfroLandTV’s free streaming service

 Raise additional investment capital

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