Returning Citizens

The United States accounts for less than five percent the global population but nearly 25% of the global prison population. In light of this mass incarceration epidemic, Commonwealth proudly partners with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, an organization dedicated to delivering the nation’s best outcomes in the prison re-entry field.

About PEP

Commonwealth formed an operating partnership with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) to create a venture fund for Second Chance businesses. Since 2004, PEP has produced the nation’s leading results in the prison rehabilitation industry by dramatically reducing return-to-prison rates while considerably increasing employment rates and business ownership. Now Commonwealth will help accelerate that success via impact investing.

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Impact Investing with a DAF

Learn how donors can use donor-advised funds to recycle charitable capital through impact investing.

PEP’s 2019 Pitch Competition

On November 20th, 2019, PEP hosted the “Barbed Wire to Business Accelerator—Fueling Growth through Impact Investing” at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The event showcased three PEP graduate-owned companies, competing in a PEP pitch competition, with judges and real investor dollars available to accelerate their businesses for social good.
PEP winner

The Competition

The Powerful Impact of PEP

The Future of PEP