TAMPA, FL—by some estimates at least 30% of commercial energy consumed ends up wasted.  This waste incurs not only economic costs but also harms the environment and decreases the affordability of energy.  With energy insecurity affecting 1 in 3 American households, such waste is especially unbearable.¹

COI Energy offers an analytical dashboard that identifies cost savings and carbon impact based on real-time insights.  Furthermore, COI’s dashboard seamlessly offers businesses the option to donate a portion of their energy savings to relieve energy insecurity in the United States.

300M MT

carbon emitted annually


annual wasted energy costs


average energy savings through COI Energy

Together, we can change the face of energy and create a climate-friendly economy for future generations.

2022 Impact Priorities

Expand into new states and accounts

Support those facing energy insecurity

 Raise additional investment capital

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