Preparing Couples for the Journey of Marriage

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A Venue Like No Other

Wedding venues are crowded in the Triangle area and unable to keep up with the demand. Supreme Court decisions related to anti-discrimination laws have caused many churches to close their doors to weddings outside of their congregation, further increasing demand for wedding venues.

Your CenterPeace is creating a state-of-the-art wedding venue like no other.  This will not be a converted building.  This will be an event venue.  It will be timeless in design - appealing to those who are looking for a beautiful indoor or outdoor venue.  As the premier wedding venue in Raleigh, Serenity Gardens will encourage people at the best time to invest in their marriage and create a sustainable business.

Brooke Powers

Brooke Powers

Co-founder & CEO

In January of 2013 Brooke had a vision of creating a wedding venue that did more than to help the bride with the wedding day, but to prepare the couple for the journey of marriage.  During daily meditation, ideas kept coming and she journaled for months before sharing the vision.  That vision became CenterPeace, a non-profit that strengthens marriages and families by doing two things: help marriages start well and develop well. Brooke continues to grow her team of dynamic marriage mentors and teachers and expand CenterPeace's offering through new curriculum and the Serenity Gardens wedding venue.


News & Observer - “Raleigh nonprofit works to strengthen marriages”


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