strengthening communities & improving lives
Central Indiana

The COhatch team's mission is to strengthen and improve communities, families and individuals in the cities in which they operate.  They aspire to be a community town hall 2.0, a space where individuals, start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofits thrive TOGETHER—in the communities in which they live and love.

COhatch is in the business of creating environments where people and communities CONNECT with their neighbors, clients, coworkers, and families.  It seeks to operate as an incubator platform to nurture young startup firms, through providing affordable space, shared offices and services, hands-on management training and mentoring, marketing and promotional support and access to community financing.

COhatch is designed to be a place to WORK, MEET, and LIVE, and its vision is to replicate this “whole-life” approach to hundreds of local communities, impacting the world one person and community at a time.  The 7 focus areas of executing the COhatch mission are:

  • Town Hall 2.0.  Restoring, repurposing and bringing back to life key community assets to create  a town hall 2.0 (the modern version of how towns were originally designed).
  • True Community.  Providing enjoyable and easily accessible opportunities for everyone to work, socialize, and serve in the towns they love.
  • Fulfill Your Purpose.  Creating spaces where like-minded people work together to get the most out of their talent and to fulfill their purpose.
  • Family and Health.  Improving individuals and families by providing healthy spaces and activities.
  • Impacting Non-Profits. Supporting local nonprofits to increase their collective impact and  provide scholarships when needed.
  • Social Enterprise. Creating a community of social enterprises that provide second chance  employment and funding when needed.
  • Unleashing Entrepreneurs.  Enable investors and entrepreneurs to connect through formal “Pitch Events” and through normal daily interaction as members of the COhatch ecosystem.

John Watkins

Managing Partner

John brings 35 years of experience in building world-class organizations across multiple industry sectors in multiple geographies. Most recently, John was the CEO of Asia of the VOID, a a Disney-backed firm of mixed reality entertainment attractions which use virtual reality technology.  Prior to joining the VOID, he was the CEO, China for CRH plc, and previously CEO at ASC Fine Wines, AVIAGE Systems (a GE company) and Cummins Inc. Earlier, he held several leadership positions during his 18 years at Northwest Airlines in Asia and North America. An active business leader and recognized community builder, John was twice elected chairman of The American Chamber of Commerce in China (2009 and 2010), served as Chairman of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship, Chairman of the board of Airline Representatives in China and board roles in multiple other not-for-profit, community focused organizations.


Christopher Watkins

Managing Partner

Chris has extensive experience in real estate deployment and retail from his time heading up real estate and operations for Baby Superstore through their rapid growth phase and eventual IPO. This expansion was in the Southeast, Southwest, Mid-west, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US.  Most recently Chris served as the Co-Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Global Partners which is an online to offline recruitment solutions provider that operates 12 offices in Asia and the US with 500+ team members. In less than 7 years, Cornerstone has been able to build a $73M valuation based on the latest round of investment by one of the largest PE firms globally and is recognized by the industry as one of the top firms in Asia.  In addition, Chris serves on the board of Mission Columbus, Search Ministries, Junior Achievement China and has a family foundation that focuses on orphan relief in China.


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