Mentoring Leaders for Tomorrow

Mentoring Companies

The Problem.

Many of today’s urban youth lack the support and guidance from an adequate mentor, resulting in alarming school drop out and incarceration rates.

Mentoring Companies

Our Solution.

Commonwealth has operating partnerships with the following companies that provide mentoring to at-risk youth.


Students living in low-income and underserved areas are facing a complex set of experiences and circumstances. Urban youth lack positive relationships in their life, and this lack of support and guidance results in unacceptable graduation rates across the country. The unemployment rate of high school dropouts is 26.8% higher than graduates. Moreover, 75% of people incarcerated at the state level and 59% of people in federal prison are high school dropouts.

Elevate builds long-term, life-changing relationships with Indianapolis urban youth by connecting students to positive and caring adults who can ensure they don’t have to navigate life’s toughest challenges alone and equip them to thrive and contribute to their community.

One Heart Project

One Heart Project’s mission is to rescue, restore and rehabilitate incarcerated youth through an integrated strategy of programming, services, and social enterprise. Their goal is to create an innovative and collaborative solution that will change the current approach to juvenile justice and transform individual lives through character building, skill acquisition, and resource equipping.

The One Heart Project was born following an inspiring Texas high school football game between a wealthy and white suburban Christian school and a team from the nearby youth prison. Watch the video for the backstory and click on the links below to learn more about the mission.

Second Chance for Youth

Second Chance 4 Youth is a national mentoring program dedicated to helping at-risk and incarcerated youth experience the American Dream. It is founded on four foundational tenets introduced to the Black community in the early 1900s by Booker T. Washington. By embracing these tenets this community led our nation in the growth of its middle class, the commitment of men to marriage, and the rise in percentage of entrepreneurs and men matriculating from college in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

Second Chance 4 Youth is a non-profit service organization founded by Burgess Owens, U.S. Representative and former All-Pro NFL Super Bowl Champion.