an outdoor and agricultural education institute where learning, relationships, wellness, and exploration meet

Morgantown, Indiana

In 2018, the Economic Innovation Group reported that, "The falling total number of Americans in distressed zip codes reflects a shift in the geography of economic distress towards rural areas...the median American community has not healed from the trauma of the Great Recession and is ill-equipped to cope with the inevitable next downturn. This period of national prosperity is our chance to reinvest in communities and rekindle the economy’s dynamic forces."

Presnell Plantation, a 501C3 not-for-profit organization, is challenging the status quo of rural decline through the creation of an outdoor and agricultural education institute near Morgantown, Indiana.  The Plantation's  God-given mission is to offer a venue where youth, the disabled, the terminally ill, our veterans, and community organizations can come, learn, and experience nature while enjoying a full range of outdoor activities and programs created to emphasize learning, sharing, wellness, and exploring in a context that has been carefully planned for safety and enjoyment.



Kevin Presnell

Founder & CEO
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