The ROCK Initiative

Eastern Star Church launched The ROCK Initiative as an economic development initiative to transform the 46218 zip code that houses their original campus. They are addressing one of our city’s highest poverty challenges.


The Indianapolis Business Journal ran a cover story on May 11, 2018 depicting the desperate condition of 46218. More than 40% of its residents live in poverty, the highest rate of all Marion County’s 36 zip codes. Median household incomes have dropped 13% since 2000, to $23,203.

Meanwhile, a few neighborhoods to the north, Meridian-Kessler (46220) has grown its median household income 7%, to $66,279. The difference in property values is equally startling: 46218 dropped 14.4%, to $34,000 and 46220 increased 11.3%, to $180,300. Even more dire, there is a 9.4% difference in life expectancy between 46218 (70.6 years) and 46220 (80 years).

Consider the following IBJ chart to understand more disparity between the neighborhoods:

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 3.51.35 PM



Build a sense of community among the people who live and work in this neighborhood.


Enhance the range of housing options available within a one-mile radius of Eastern Star Church.


Grow the overall financial security of residents living in the neighborhood.


Enhance both formal and informal educational opportunities available for neighborhood residents.

Overview Video

Neighborhood Statistics


Percentage of 46218 residents living at or below the poverty line (vs. 21% of Marion County)


Average household income for 26218 residents
(vs. $42,378 for Marion County)


Unemployment rate of 46218 residents (vs. 4% for remaining Marion County residents)


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Indy Star: April 2018 Article

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