Sapient connects impact investors with the best quadruple bottom line companies in the world

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Many of the problems on God’s heart around the world can be solved by enterprise.  However, there are not enough quality faith driven enterprises (“FDEs”) and faith driven investors (“FDI’s”) for the task and no efficient way to connect them. 

Sapient addresses these problems with a next generation platform marketplace that coalesces and scales the global impact investing ecosystem.  The Sapient Platform will build capacity, strategically deploy financial and human capital, and serve FDEs and FDIs throughout their impact journey.  Sapient offers:

    • Robust matchmaking of aligned FDEs and FDIs, including an end-to-end investment system
    • Curation of content and community resources, including partner and user generated content
    • Application of AI, data analytics, and human focused design
    • White label solutions for partner organizations to enhance and expand their own impact investing work

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