Seedlings will be the non-profit operating arm attached to Saw Capital which owns the Safeway grocery stores and a food distribution network in Indianapolis. The grocery store will not sell alcohol, tobacco, or lottery tickets. The grocery store will be located in one of Indianapolis' most severe food deserts: MLK and 30th.


Scott Weaver



Development will feature an 8,000 square feet grocery store with full-service including meat, deli, and produce. The store will also utilize a cashless concept to enhance security. Hours of operation will be 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Scott Weaver plans to hire employees from the local neighborhood (8 – 10 full time employees; 6 – 8 part time) at average salary of $17.00 including benefits.

Key Elements

Grocery Store & Health Clinic

Development will feature a 8000 square-foot Safeway grocery store and a 1500 square-foot health clinic inside the store.


No Liquor, Tobacco, or Lottery

Safeway is a full service grocery store with meat, deli, and produce and will not sell liquor, tobacco, or lottery at this proposed location.



The store will utilize a cashless concept to enhance security. EBT and SNAP will be accepted forms of payment.

Key Statistics


Food-insecure people who live in Marion County (with a population of 940,000)


Ranking of Indianapolis in least food-secure capital city in the US (compared to 18th ranking for the state of Indiana).


Percentage of Indianapolis population that lacks access to healthy food (compared to 15% for the state of Indiana).

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