Pioneering a unique project that will provide a collective vision for Southeast Raleigh


For many of Raleigh’s residents who live in Southeast Raleigh, there are increasing needs and limited access.  The YMCA of the Triangle, local foundations, community leaders and volunteers are pioneering a unique project that will provide a collective vision for Southeast Raleigh. 

That vision is a partnership among organizations that invest in neighborhoods to create a community that will include 120 affordable housing units, a public elementary school, a YMCA and other commercial amenities to meet the needs of the community.  This collective vision, which is generously supported by the SECU Foundation, is known as the SECU Beacon Site in Southeast Raleigh.


Doug McMillan


Bryan Huffman


Bruce Ham


James White


Lot 2

An area of focus for the Triangle YMCA at Beacon Hill is the development of the southeast corner of the SECU Beacon Site--"Lot 2".  Specifically, Triangle YMCA hopes to build a specialty medical service and 2-story commercial/co-coworking space.

The ground leased tract for each opportunity described is the ground under the building plus 10 feet on all sides.  All of the parking, ingress/egress, landscaping, waste collection, etc. in Lot 2 is available as Common Area, similar to other typical mixed-use developments.


Specialty Medical Service

The YMCA’s research has discovered several potential tenants for the urgent care, but very few who have the desire to build a building.  Potential tenants typical have exceptional credit and have the ability and willingness to pay market rate rent.  The YMCA is seeking a developer to build the facility and lease it long-term to an urgent care provider that accepts major insurance carriers as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

Two Story Commercial Building

The YMCA has identified two viable tenants to complete the Beacon Site.  Fertile Ground Food Coop and ReCity Network have both expressed a strong interest in being on site as tenants.  Fertile Ground is a Southeast Raleigh-based, multi-stakeholder grocery store and community gathering space that increases access to healthy/affordable food and serves as a community/cultural center in Southeast Raleigh.  ReCity is a co-working hub created to help the underserved thrive while promoting efficiency, innovation, collaboration and inspiration among hardworking organizations in Southeast Raleigh.


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