INDIANAPOLIS, IN—In-person meetups to exchange money for goods bought and sold on online marketplace platforms can create a variety of problems. There are countless stories of both petty and serious crimes that happen in the process of trying to buy or sell items on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

DeliverEnd eliminates these in-person meetups by escrowing the financial transaction electronically, then deploying drivers to pick up the item and deliver it to the buyer. These safe, secure, and convenient deliveries are a scalable solution to the ever-growing list of problems created by public marketplace transactions.

3 cities

Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Boston added to DeliverEnd service area in March 2021

20 cities

targeted for expansion in 2021

700+ drivers

on the DeliverEnd platform to-date

We replaced the in-person meet-up with an app with video chat so you can further investigate the item ask questions and negotiate the price

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2021 Impact Priorities

 Expand DeliverEnd into new cities

Leverage partners for growth

 Use investment funds to expand the DeliverEnd team 

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