Profit & Purpose

Business has been a force for good and investing has had impact throughout history. Yet, today’s lack of shared prosperity, increasing environmental concerns, and a waning social cohesion requires innovation to increase among entrepreneurs and investors. These forces have spawned the impact investment movement proving that profit can be achieved with purpose.


Financial Literacy

Economics is oftentimes seen as a business course or a math exercise. But it is really a social science that produces life skills. Gaining proficiency in such economic principles as opportunity cost and scarcity will largely determine who wealth and opportunities in life.


Rethinking Wealth

Jay Hein introduces the Commonwealth model to the Rethinking Wealth conference in Indianapolis and he makes the case for city-level impact investing at the Faith Driven Investor inaugural conference.

Dr. Amy Sherman

Faith in Communities

Dr. Amy Sherman directs the Center for Faith in Communities at Commonwealth. New research from Harvard cites faith as the #1 predictor of giving and serving in America. As a scholar-practitioner, Amy advances this positive trend to help the church advance God’s heart for the poor and encourage marketplace professionals to practice vocational stewardship.

Impact Investing

Reading Room

Our Commonwealth team has created a collection of articles, stories, and media to help you explore and understand the landscape of stewardship, economic diligence, and impact investing.