Student Debt is a Societal Burden.

Dolr empowers society to contribute towards student loan repayment so we can uplift our community financially and emotionally while still making it a win-win for everyone.

Dolr connects borrowers with new sources of cash and gets them out of student debt years ahead of schedule.

25+ employers

using Dolr for student loan benefits

100+ brands

sending cashback to student loans

57 Net Promoter Score

among borrows on platform; 100 NPS from employers

Naveed Iqbal, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

“Student loans, intended to create equity and lower financial barriers to education so anyone could go to college and build a better life for themselves, are instead the number 1 source of financial stress for millions of people. Dolr exists to surround people with the help they need for their biggest financial burdens. We empower our members to accelerate to $0 debt so they can get to accumulating wealth and living their best lives.

2022 Impact Priorities

Release first D2C product

Acquire new benefits customers and brands by direct referral from consumers and complete the B2C2B cycle

Build the Dolr team and brand

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