DALLAS, TXAccounting is the most neglected business function of owner-operator transportation professionals.  Obstacles like limited space for storage and devices, 24/7 operating hours, and an always-on-the-move industry limit potential solutions for truckers. DUKE.AI brings the power of artificial intelligence to automate bookkeeping and accounting for the transportation industry. 

DUKE.AI empowers small businesses by demystifying bookkeeping with the use of technology that allows users to simply scan images of bank statements or income statements.  Furthermore, DUKE simplifies business insights, file storage, and IRS tax compliance in real-time.  As DUKE.AI has grown, its leadership has realized how many businesses can benefit from DUKE and the high impact of the technology.


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students enrolled in DUKE.AI machine learning course through university partnership


STEM field positions filled by employees from underrepresented groups

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As I grew my fleet from one to five trucks, one of the problems I had was that I couldn't easily do my bookkeeping, so I created DUKE.AI.

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2021 Impact Priorities

 Reach more owner operators with DUKE.AI’s offering

 Raise investment capital to expand the team 

 Identify new market applications for DUKE.AI technology

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