DALLAS, TX—Headquartered in one of the states with the highest incarceration rates in the U.S., Entre Capital is pioneering a new industry: reentry lending.  Former prisoners, or “returning citizens” as Entre redemptively identifies them, have difficultly accessing personal credit and it is even harder to borrow financing for entrepreneurial ventures. These barriers increase the risk of recidivism dramatically.

Born out of the Prisoner Entrepreneurship Program’s 15+ year mission serving men in prison with character formation and entrepreneurship mentoring, Entre Capital provides continuity for PEP graduates as they launch their ventures and seek to transform their lives.  The credit, community, and counsel Entre provides returning citizen entrepreneurs beautifully incarnates Christ’s mission of making all things new.


of the world’s imprisoned
population lives in the United States¹


returning citizens released
from U.S. prisons each year²


basis point increase in recidivism for each $1000 in credit denied to returning citizens³

Our mission is restoring lives by transforming credit. Our vision is to serve, as a community development financial institution providing credit facilities and loan servicing to Prisoner Entrepreneurship Program alumni and other re-entry businesses.

2021 Impact Priorities

Apply for CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) status

Increase Entre’s lending facility

Support current borrowers with business advice and mentoring

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