ORLANDO, FL—the 27 percentage point homeownership gap between African American and Caucasian families in 1960 worsened to 30 ppts in 2017, after improving near the end of the 20th century.¹  Discrimination, economic inequality, and the housing crisis eroded access to one of the biggest wealth creation engines in America.  

Home Lending Pal is a borrower-centric mortgage marketplace that has social good engrained into the core of its mission.  Its marketplace offers tech-driven, personalized advice that helps borrowers make a plan, get prepared, and work towards achieving their homeownership goals, with an emphasis on removing bias for minority groups and millennials.


higher mortgage denial rate for Black borrowers²


of Home Lending Pal users to-date through public beta


of Home Lending Pal revenues donated charities fostering financial inclusion 

We are helping millennials and minorities achieve their goal of homeownership by turning something as complex as buying a home into an online shopping experience.

2022 Impact Priorities

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Continue to expand and refine product

 Raise additional investment capital

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