DALLAS, TX—3 in 5 U.S. employees report witnessing or experiencing discrimination in their workplace.¹   Kanarys is an analytics platform aimed at monitoring, analyzing and addressing these and other diversity and inclusion (D&I) challenges.  Kanarys drives systemic change by benchmarking D&I programs to help reveal systemic bias and provides actionable insights to improve inclusion.

Kanarys is particularly unique because it identifies trends and potential issues and provides that information to corporate leaders so they can make the necessary changes to better foster diversity and inclusion in their workplace.  


attrition costs due to weak diversity and inclusion work cultures in the United States³


approximate D&I-related attrition cost per employee annually


people of color are 3.5x more likely to leave workplace than their white colleagues.

My career as a corporate attorney is what sparked the idea for Kanarys. Lack of diversity and inclusion is something I experienced first-hand as an African-American female attorney.

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2021 Impact Priorities

 Integrate AI and machine learning into platform

 Reach more companies with Kanarys’ offering

 Use investment funds to expand the Kanarys team 

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