RALEIGH, NC | The business model of traditional health providers does not accommodate serving low-income, uninsured, or underinsured individuals. Likewise, the existing safety net clinics in Raleigh do not serve patients once they get Medicaid, and none of them provide obstetrics care.

NeighborHealth is a faith-based community health center that provides accessible and affordable health care to low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals. Further, they offer crucial support for pregnant women who are on Medicaid. NeighborHealth is the only low-income clinic in Raleigh that offers obstetrics and accepts Medicaid. Since 40% of babies are born on Medicaid, an investment in NeighborHealth is also an investment in the cause of life.


95,000 people uninsured in Wake County; 26,818 people not currently being served by a health center.


of population lives below 200% of
the federal poverty level.


Wake County primary care provider ratio
vs. 1,414:1 in North Carolina


patients served at NeighborHealth since 2018 with high-quality care, regardless of ability to pay


NeighborHealth is North Carolina’s only faith-based federally qualified health center (LA)


nations represented in NeighborHealth patient population

We are sincere in our desire to provide affordable, compassionate care, and we are also focused on providing quality care.

Watch Sue Ellen Thompson speak about NeighborHealth's mission

2021 Impact Priorities

Provide COVID-19 vaccination and healthcare to underserved Raleigh communities

Grow staff to expand number of patients served

Meet community healthcare needs dynamically, such as providing mental health services

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