ORLANDO, FL—the current fatalistic narrative for brain-based disfunctions convinces sufferers that improvement is unattainable.  NESTRE founder Dr. Tommy Shavers experienced a decade-long mental and cognitive decline after suffering multiple career-ending concussions as a Division I college football player.  Through his journey to recovery, Dr. Shavers discovered an efficient and scalable model to improve brain health, mental wellness and cognitive performance.

NESTRE is the first NEuro-STREngth company to leverage the science of neuroplasticity to apply a pioneering training method in the areas of brain health, mental wellness and cognitive performance. NESTRE’s first digital solution is a neuro-strength training platform which provides cognitive assessments and training to users. NESTRE’s mission is to help people get better by providing access to affordable solutions and instilling hope for recovery through proven science.


people worldwide face brain-based health and productivity challenges¹


annual global health and wellness spending2


average cognitive gain among NESTRE case study participants3

NESTRE’s solutions are results-driven and successfully utilized by elite performers including NFL athletes and coaches, Olympians, and executives.

2022 Impact Priorities

 App development

 Training center design and launch

 Raise additional investment capital

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