INDIANAPOLIS, INDrug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. Further, studies reveal that the “church attending” population experiences addiction at the same rate as the general population. Yet, most churches are underprepared to effectively respond to drug addiction and refer people to secular programs.

Sadly, Indiana is one of the top 5 states for fastest-growing rate of drug overdose deaths. More than 900,000 Indiana residents qualify each year for inpatient drug/alcohol treatment, yet Indiana has just 34 residential treatment centers with only 930 beds total. 

NewDay Treatment Center exists to help individuals seeking freedom from addiction, encourage and educate their families, and equip churches with faith-based recovery services. The NewDay Center is a full-service addiction treatment program that includes an inpatient facility in Southern Indiana and long-term aftercare services.


of Americans qualify for
drug/alcohol treatment each year


lethal drug overdoses
in 2014 in the United States


of U.S. population has someone with a chemical addiction in their immediate family

We believe that freedom from substance abuse and addiction includes therapeutic and medical services, as well as the development of a strong spiritual foundation and engagement with a church community

2021 Impact Priorities

 Develop deep community partnerships

 Reach more men with NewDay’s programming

 Explore opportunities to open programs serving women

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