North End Development Project

Carmel, IN

Located on the Monon Trail near downtown Carmel, the North End project is a 28-acre mixed residential community that features an on-site urban farm, a farm-to-table restaurant in a renovated historic home that receives produce from the farm, and a multitude of community gathering spaces that promote resident connection.

North End is much more than a neighborhood land plan: It is a “community first community” that seeks to serve a diverse population, including adults with disabilities, and build a long-term framework for human flourishing.

Key Stats


Units to house low income individuals with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (I/DD).


In federal tax credits to bring the first integrated units of affordable housing within the market rate apartment development.


Low-income housing tax credit project funded in Carmel and will demonstrate the importance of building inclusive housing in every part of the state.


Justin Moffett

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca McGuckin

Community Collaborator 

Doug Wilson

Creative Catalyst

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