Our Model

The Commonwealth Model

Commonwealth exists to produce high quality deal flow. We believe that quality can be achieved only when strong economic performance is joined by measurable social impact.

Commonwealth produces quality deal flow in three lanes of action: Growth Capital Investments; Impact First Investments, and as an Owner/Operator of High Impact Ventures.

Growth Capital Investments

  • We have deployed $20M+ in capital to companies that deliver superior economic returns alongside measurable social impact.
  • Case Study: COhatch

Impact First Investments

Owner/Operator of High Impact Ventures

  • We create $10M+ through companies under our ownership that advance enterprise solutions to poverty and enhance educational opportunity
  • Case Study: Purposeful Design

What is Your Impact Investing Strategy?

People often wrestle between investing wisely or giving generously-Commonwealth enables them to do both. Improved communities and ROI are at the heart of everything we do.

The Commonwealth investor community possesses some of the most innovative approaches to assigning percentages of their philanthropy and market investments to impact. Consider these examples:


A Think Tank

In tandem with Commonwealth’s impact investment strategies, our think tank partner Sagamore Institute delivers research and consulting services to advance innovative ideas, strengthen social enterprise, and measure results.