Purposeful Design

Indianapolis, IN

At Purposeful Design, our mission is to help re-build the lives of people broken by addiction or homelessness, equip them with valuable work skills, and provide the gift of work.

Results: Beating the Averages

Statistic National Average Purposeful Design
Recidivism Rate
Drug/Alcohol Relapse Rate
Return to Homelessness Rate

Impact Stories

Current Purposeful Design Partners


Eli Lilly

"We have four supplier-quality tiers: A, B, C and D. Purposeful Design is in the 'A' tier. We have no suppliers in a higher quality tier than Purposeful Design." -Facilities Manager

“I’ve never heard a complaint about Purposeful Design in terms of quality or service.” -Dave Sternasty | Vice President of Corporate Engingeering and Global Health, Safety and Environment


“We saw their product and it was a no brainer. Partnering with Purposeful Design gave us the opportunity to contribute to changing lives.” -Kristen Mount | Facilities Project Manager

Ball State University

“I would recommend PD to any designers or architects looking to tell a story in their space. They are easy to work with, provide excellent customer service, and their workmanship is excellent. Knowing we are helping to support a company with a mission made me feel great.” -Courtney Bell | Interior Designer