According to the Centre for Sustainable Cities, in 2012 16.5% of the Rwandan population was urban, and it is expected that the 2020 rate will rise to 35%. Likewise, Rwanda attracted $2B in domestic and foreign investments in 2018, up 17% from 2017.

These realities provide an opportunity to make considerable returns from investing in real estate in Rwanda. RwandaLite’s venture seeks to acquire and hold real estate in Kigali, utilizing the land agriculturally to grow stevia, and selling the property when demand for land in the area rises to the point of surpassing its agricultural use. 

Key Stats


Annual GDP growth rate, making Rwanda one of the fastest growing economies in the world.


Projected global market of stevia in 2026, from $695M in 2018


Jobs to be created as a result of project


C.W. "Dub" Stocker III

Partner | Capital Fundraising, Partnership Management

Emmanuel Rindiro

Partner | Research, Project and Content Creation

Jonathan Rugamba

Partner | Due Diligence, Accounting

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