Through our unique pitch competitions and online marketplace, Commonwealth connects impact investors with impact investors to create businesses that strengthen communities in Florida.

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Pitch Your Idea

For-profit and nonprofit companies are invited to submit proposals for the inaugural Commonwealth Tampa Bay pitch competition.

Two organizations will receive investments to accelerate their initiatives.  However, the competition is not a destination but rather a gateway.  Applicants may also have the opportunity to join the Tampa Bay Marketplace—an ongoing community of donors, advisors, and organizations committed to incubating good enterprises which improve society.

Commonwealth connects impact investors with entrepreneurs whose innovative organizations are fueling the renewal of Tampa Bay by addressing the city’s most pressing social challenges.

Selection Process
To enter your organization’s application for the Tampa Bay Pitch Competition, click the button below and complete the initial application by the extended deadline, January 26, 2020.

Awards & Benefits
The winner(s) will receive investments from a $150,000 pool.  Finalists will also gain access to a supportive network of Tampa Bay impact investors.



2020 Competition Application Live!

apply below by 1/26/20 extended deadline

In partnership with the National Christian Foundation of Tampa Bay, Commonwealth is calling for applications from companies which produce social, spiritual, or environmental impact along with financial returns.  Four broad criteria guide the selection process:

  1. Well-defined, excellent business plan
  2. Qualified management team
  3. Able to recycle capital (e.g. repay investment)
  4. Social, spiritual, or environmental impact 

Express your interest now! (1/26/20 extended deadline)


The Commonwealth Marketplace profiles best practices in companies tackling some of the state’s most challenging problems.

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Garden City

Economic Story

Tampa was transformed from a poor, isolated fishing village when Henry B. Plant’s railroad reached the city in 1883.  The railroad enticed Vincente Martinez Ybor to move his cigar factor from Key West to Tampa.  This tandem of Ybor’s proximity to Cuba for tobacco via sea and Plant’s railroad to take the product to the US made Tampa the “Cigar Capital of the World.”

The interstate highway system and establishment of MacDill Air Force base continued to diversify and accelerate the Tampa Bay regional economy.  Yet, 1 in 5 Tampa children live in poverty and the aftereffects of segregation means all residents don’t have the same access to opportunity to a good life.

Commonwealth is building impact investing deals to bring more economic opportunity to all Tampa Bay citizens.

Public Good Index

Commonwealth advances market solutions to fix the parts of Tampa Bay’s economy that are broken and to increase shared prosperity for all its citizens.  The Public Good Index measures progress toward these goals. (Report coming soon!)


We would be happy to give you more information about our marketplace and competitions. Just click here to email Program Manager, Jacob Baldwin. He will be be in touch quickly!

Social Innovation

Seamless Cities

Former St. Petersburg, Florida mayor Rick Baker was invited by Sagamore Institute to deliver remarks on his book, The Seamless City, at a 2012 nonprofit conference co-sponsored by Sagamore Institute and the Office Depot Foundation.

Innovation in Florida

Discover the innovative work being done to promote civil society and reformation in Florida.


Tampa Bay Business Accelerators

The Tampa Bay area boasts a wide array of accelerator programs which bolster entrepreneurship and economic development.  Learn more about these innovative initiatives through the following links: