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Economic Story

Thanks to the opening of the Mississippi River through the Louisiana Purchase, Indiana’s rich farmland products were made available to the fast-growing new nation.  Then Hoosiers found something else in their rich soil: natural gas.  The Indiana Gas Boom lasted from the 1880s to 1910 coinciding with the Indianapolis Speedway’s construction to test America’s turn-of-the-century automobile revolution.  These twin engines—agricultural productivity and manufacturing prowess—catapulted Indiana to the top 20 of the nation’s post World War II economies.  The industrial manufacturing decline hit Indiana hard and now the state is rebounding with its sustained success in agricultural productivity and logistics along with a shift to advanced manufacturing and early success in the cloud marketing space.  Commonwealth companies advance solutions to the today’s economic prosperity gaps.


Minority Wealth Gap

African American home ownership is at a 50 year low at 41.7%


This company revitalizes disinvested communities by building affordable single-family homes.

Traction AP

This athletic training program empowers human development beyond sports through holistic training of the athlete.

ROCK Initiative

This initiative seeks to improve the quality of life in the Arlington Woods community.

Hurry Home

This company works with people who are interested in owning where they live and taking on the responsibilities of ownership.

Food Insecurity

In one of the world’s highest food producing states, 15% of Indiana’s population is food insecure.

Uplift Produce

This fresh produce company provides jobs for a revitalized neighborhood and funds for additional community development.

Addiction Epidemic

64,070 Americans died of addiction overdose last year. Learn more.


This recovery center helps individuals seeking freedom from addiction, encourage and educate their families, and equip churches with faith-based recovery services.

Senior Housing Shortage

31% of nation’s homeless population is age 50 or older.

Sweet Galilee

This project will provide low-income housing to Anderson area residents over the age of 62.

Prisoner Reentry

The US makes up only 4% of the world's population, but 22% of the world's prisoner population.


This organization helps formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives through on-the-job and classroom training, social supports and job placement.

Past Events


Fort Wayne

Hurry Home

Traction AP


On July 12, 2019 MEI and Commonwealth held a pitch competition in Fort Wayne, showcasing some of Indiana's brightest minority entrepreneurs.

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On November 8, 2018, Commonwealth hosted the 4th Annual Indiana Conference on Citizenship and inaugural Pitch Competition at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis.

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Sagamore Solutions

Sagamore Institute is Commonwealth's think tank partner providing research and consulting to strengthen the Indiana market. Please see some of these stories below.

super city

Super City

Sagamore Institute's magazine American Outlook published an issue that explores how Indianapolis used sports to grow its economy and build better neighborhoods. 

Read the full issue here



Jeff Sparks Seeks Renewal for SE Indy

Sagamore fellow Jeff Sparks is a board member for the Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation and is focused on renewing the Twin Aire neighborhood in SE Indy.

Learn more.

stellar communities program

Stellar Communities Program

The Indiana Lt. Governor operates one of the nation's most innovative small-town economic development efforts -- the Stellar Communities Program. Sagamore serves as the program evaluator.

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indianapolis indy canal OA


In 2019, OneAmerica launched a new solution to address the 21st century's big cities dilemma - the urban working class lack skills necessary to climb the ladder and they can't afford housing costs. OneAmerica responded with the Pathways Program to bridge both gaps. Sagamore consultants produced a program manual and evaluation model.

Learn more about OneAmerica's Pathways Program.