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Economic Story

In the 1950’s, North Carolina’s economy was ranked 49th out of 50 states and too dependent on tobacco, textiles, and furniture. Then a partnership was formed by Duke, UNC, and NC State to turn a pine forest that separated them into the Research Triangle that would leverage their ideas and talent.

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Upcoming Events



Throughout spring and summer 2020, Commonwealth is convening a group of kingdom-minded investors in the Triangle area for a series of boardroom-style investment pitches from some of the area's most promising impact investing deals.



In Raleigh-Durham, 11% of the population lives in poverty, including 1 in 7 children. The life span for those living in poverty is 25% shorter than others in the Triangle. Learn more.


This loan origination & management technology improves efficiency for CDFIs to invest in neighborhoods like SE

321 Coffee

This coffee shop employs adults with disabilities - a population twice as likely to experience poverty

Hope Renovation

This construction trades program trains underemployed women and repairs homes for aging seniors.


This restaurant provides a path to employment for individuals struggling with homelessness through counseling and job training.

Minority Entrepreneurship

Nationally, only 1% of VC-funded startups have black founders. Durham is poised to once again become a hub of minority enterprise, like Parrish Street once was, as the heart of Black Wall Street. Learn more.

The Hubb

This affordable commercial kitchen space provides industry- specific technical assistance.


This software suite increases access to justice for 30M Americans who annually represent themselves in civil court.

Freeman Capital

This company is closing the wealth gap through tech-enabled wealth concierge, money management, and education.

Resilient Ventures

This multi-million dollar fund is closing the wealth gap by expanding access to capital, networks, and opportunity to African American entrepreneurs.


North Carolina consistently ranks in the top 10 states for refugee resettlement and currently has more than 40,000 refugee residents. Learn more.

Amplio Recruiting

This staffing agency connects companies with qualified members of the refugee community.


This fast-casual restaurant provides living wage employment to refugees, DACA “Dreamers”, and women in crisis

Southeast Raleigh

In Southeast Raleigh, 54% of children live in poverty and the mortality rate for black infants is six times higher than the average for white infants in Wake County. Learn more.

The YMCA of Beacon Hill

This YMCA location offers a collective vision for Southeast Raleigh.

Broken Families

North Carolina’s divorce rate is higher than the national average. Between 20-33% of divorced women end up in poverty. Learn more.

Your CenterPeace

This ministry works to reduce divorce through marriage education, mentoring, and a wedding venue

Sagamore Solutions

Sagamore Institute is Commonwealth's think tank partner providing research and consulting to strengthen the North Carolina market. Please see some of these stories below.

JW Blog 2

COVID-19 with James White

Sagamore scholar James White responds to COVID-19 with messages for the Raleigh-Durham community.

Listen here.

Samaritans Feet

Samaritan's Feet

Sagamore has an operating partnership with Charlotte-based Samaritan's Feet to reduce illness suffered by the 300 million children who lack shoes.

Read more.

mission triangle 1

Mission Triangle

Sagamore has formed an operating partnership with Mission Triangle to deliver biblically-based training and consulting services to strengthen nonprofit business performance.

Learn more about Mission Triangle.

Project Access

Project Access

Sagamore president Jay Hein promoted Asheville NC-based Project Health in a white paper commissioned by the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

Read the report here.

jobs for life

Jobs For Life

Sagamore fellow Dr. Amy Sherman has written a program guidebook and evaluation tools for this Raleigh-based solution to joblessness. 

Learn more about Jobs for Life.